Cakes for the Queen of Heaven  

Welcome! Here you will find information and activities related to the revised Cakes for the Queen of Heaven curriculum and its use in Unitarian Universalist congregations and in other organizations. This site is a combined effort of Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion core group and various Cakes and W&R groups.


RM Allen talks about speaking to her congregation about Cakes:

One of the women - Mary - in my Cakes II sessions gave us all a delightful surprise on our last evening together.

She made a copy of the On The Threshold Goddess image.
She bought several small - 4 X 6 - plastic photo albums.
She put the Goddess image in the front cover sleeve.
The second set of sleeves has the title - Cakes for the Queen of Heaven

Then she put in several family recipes - all renamed
Queen of Trifles and Enormity
Queen of Autumn Pumpkin Cake
Queen of Fruit Medley
Queen of Texas Cake
Queen of Citrus Cake
Mary's Bread - (she meant Mary the Apostle or Mary the mother of Jesus)

At the end she included a description of one of her family traditions as well as an invitation to join:

The Howl At the Moon Society
____________________________ (fill in your name)
As a cherished Mooniac

In honor of Grandma Marge and
All other kindred spirits who feel the strength and beauty of the Moon,
You are entitled and encouraged to howl, long and loudly,
Each full moon night.
When you do, know that you are connected
To the past and to the future,
And to people who love you and think of you
When the Moon is full.

Our group, SisterCircle, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Monmouth County, NJ (UUCMC) offered Cakes Part I in May and June of 2009. SisterCircle is a group that formed in 1993 when some of our members completed the first Cakes curriculum. We have been meeting once a week since December, 1993. We celebrate the 8 holidays of the Wheel of the Year with rituals to which the women of the congregation (and sometimes, men) are invited, as well as others. Our rituals are generally held at our Meeting House. We also have done many lay-led services, the most recent of which was entitled "A God Who Looks Like Me: Feminist Theaology" on September 6, 2009. We have also led several book discussions and shown several films, including "The Goddess Remembered" Trilogy, Meinrad Craighead's new film biography, Marija Giumbutas biography, Signs Out of Time, and a film encouraging young women who are interested in political careers entitled "What's Your Point, Honey?".

Our presentation of Cakes, Part I, was team taught. Two SisterCircle members taught each of the five sessions.

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Rebecca Scarborough