Cakes for the Queen of Heaven  

Welcome! Here you will find information and activities related to the revised Cakes for the Queen of Heaven curriculum and its use in Unitarian Universalist congregations and in other organizations. This site is a combined effort of Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion core group and various Cakes and W&R groups.


Are you planning to conduct the Cakes curriculum in your church? Let us know and we'll post the dates on our new EVENTS calendar. As always, feel free to comment, ask questions, and post photos.

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Past comments:

Melinda Perrin said:

The First Unitarian Society of Schenectady is offering Cakes starting in September 2009. Rumors about its return started to circle in February and since we were getting calls and e-mails, we announced it on Thursday, February 19th at the Evening Alliance and by e-mail. Registration was full by the next Sunday. Never doubt the need for this material. Thank you, Rev. Shirley Ann Ranck for initiating all this!

Judy Clough and Melinda Perrin, co-facilitators